Drinking Milk Every Day, Is It Really Useful for Your Child?

Not only for growth, milk is also an important key intelligence and endurance for your child. Listen to the explanation.

The slogan “4 healthy 5 perfect” is certainly familiar in the ears of the people of Indonesia. In this slogan, implied the completeness of nutrition that is needed by the Little One during the growth and development period, one of which is milk.

This nutrient-filled liquid does indeed contain a variety of nutrients that can help perfect Little One’s intake and complete his daily nutritional needs. Therefore, the intake of milk must be a routine that should not be missed.

A source of calcium for bones and teeth
It is no secret that milk contains abundant calcium and vitamin D. Both are important keys in maintaining optimal health and growth of bones, teeth, skin, to Little Hair.

Not only that, calcium is also needed by your baby’s body to maintain a healthy nervous system and help smooth the work of the heart. Take a look, so many organs work well thanks to the help of a glass of milk.

Reducing the risk of anemia
Anemia or lack of blood is certainly not a strange term in the ear. The condition where the body lacks red blood cells is very often experienced by Indonesian children.

Based on data from the Household Health Survey (SKRT), as many as 40-45 percent of Indonesian children have anemia. The causes vary, ranging from inadequate intake of iron sources to infectious diseases.

Be careful, anemia that is not handled properly can have an impact on children’s development. Starting from stunted growth, to be able to influence intelligence in the future.

Therefore, various intakes that can reduce the risk of anemia are needed. In addition to meat, liver, egg yolks, and fish that are rich in iron, milk that has been supplemented with these nutrients can also be made a choice so that the Little One avoid the danger of anemia. So make sure the milk he consumes is fortified or supplemented with iron so that his needs for this important nutrient can always be fulfilled.

Maintain immunity
Milk acts as a source of nutrition for growth and development. In addition, it turns out that milk can also work as a shield for your child from a variety of germ attacks.

Remember, in addition to completeness of nutrition, good endurance is also very necessary so that the child’s growth and development take place optimally without any interference. Milk that is equipped with prebiotics and a variety of good bacteria can be a capital for this immune system.

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